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Doxaras Virtual Solutions

If you use invoice factoring in your business, it can really help you with your cash flow.
Hours and Rates

At MVS we strive to keep the billing procedure transparent and fair. We bill once per month and provide a timesheet showing what work took place and the duration of each work detail performed. This lets the client know what we have been working on, who has been doing the work and what progress has been made.

Our rates are among the most competitive in our field and we work with our clients concerning all fees. Our standard rate is $25 an hour. Our terms are net 10 days. A 10% late fee is applied to all overdue invoices unless prior arrangements have been made concerning billing.

Cost Comparison:

Hourly Rate of Pay
Full-time Employee - $20.00
Virtual Assistant - $25.00

Fringe Benefits @ 35% (Health/Dental/Life Insurance/Retirement Plans)
Full-time Employee - $7.00
Virtual Assistant - None

Overhead Rate @ 50% (Office Space, Equipment & Office Supply Expense, Unemployment Insurance, Worker's Compensation, Overtime Pay, Administration Costs)
Full-time Employee - $10.00
Virtual Assistant - None

Total Effective Rate of Pay
Full-time Employee - $37.00
Virtual Assistant - $25.00

**Hours Per Year
Full-Time Employee - 2,080 hrs.
Virtual Assistant - 480 hrs.

Total Annual Labor Cost
Full-Time Employee - $76,960.00
Virtual Assistant - $12,000.00

**We also do retainers upon agreement. Retainers are carried forward to the next month if not fully utilized. They are good for 90 days from payment of the retainer, after which period they expire.

MVS also offers a 10% commission for a referral leading to a new client contract. Ask for more details...

Payment can be made in the following ways:

  • Check
  • Wire - there will be a surcharge to cover the wire fee.
  • Paypal - there will be a surcharge to cover Paypal's service fee - you can use all major credit cards through Paypal when paying MVS.

Holiday work is performed at twice the normal rate and after hours work will be performed at time and a half of the normal rate. (Except by prior arrangements.)

If MVS cannot solve a challenge, we will bring in a trusted subcontractor to handle the project. All work will be supervised by MVS. We will handle the payments to the subcontractor and any agreements that need to be signed by all concerned parties - we see to the details and ensure professional results.

From time to time, we also offer discounts to volume customers. Also ask about our new client discounts and specials. MVS believes in providing excellent service in return for commensurate compensation. In the long run, these services improve our clients' businesses and translate to savings. We go far and above what is needed to ensure that the very best in service is provided to our clients.

Contact Us
Phone: 208.450.9597
Fax: 888.640.7008
Fax: 918.872.1011
Voicemail: 888.296.1008
Skype: terresa.monroe.hamilton

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